Wet® Warming Desserts®

Wet® Warming Desserts®

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  • Sugar-free dessert flavor

  • Gentle warming effect with motion

  • Great for massage or use as lubricant

  • No bitter aftertaste

  • Latex compatible

  • Washes away easily with water

Satisfy your sweet-tooth with WET® Warming Desserts® Lubricants. Choose from the delectable flavors of Slow Baked Hazelnut Soufflè, Fresh Delicious Donuts, Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie, Warm Homemade Cinnamon Roll, and Oven Baked Apple Pie À La Mode. Heighten intimacy even more by sparking a gradual warming effect that activates with motion. Latex compatible, easily washable, and sugar-free, this lube line will leave you heated and satisfied.




Sugar-Free, Stain-Free

WET® Warming Desserts® do not contain sugar or dyes, and will not stain sheets. These delicious flavors taste just like the real thing, with no bitter aftertaste.

Gentle Heating Sensation

Add a level of intimacy by sparking a gradual warming effect. Activated with motion, these Warming Desserts® are a great way to spend time warming up to your partner.

Water Soluble

Wet® Warming Desserts™ is odorless, colorless, and latex friendly. It washes away easily with warm water. Made with ethically-sourced, US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin. It is recommended for use with all types of toys and for warming massage as well.

water soluble

Sizes for Everyone!

Wet® Warming Desserts® is available in 2 sizes.

wet dessert applie pie 1 ounce and chocolate chip 3 ounce lubricant

Additional Information

Glycerin and Artificial Flavor.
How to Use & Tips

Additional Information

Warming Lubricants like Wet® Warming Desserts are a good choice for those seeking a little adventure. Use liberally during foreplay to get the juices flowing. Apply a drop under the head of the penis, on the nipples or along the outer lips of vagina. Warm breath over the area of application tends to bring out the warming properties.

Note: Wet® Warming Desserts is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

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