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  • Silicone

    Durable formulas that stay silky for long lasting moisture and comfort.

  • Water

    Light, clean formulas that moisturize when you need it and wipe away easily when you are done.

  • Hybrid

    Both long lasting and easy to clean up, these formulas are water-based with a hint of silicone.

  • Flavored

    Delicious, sugar free, water-soluble formulas that are pure fun. Available in warming too!

  • Natural+Organic

    Intimacy should be natural.

  • Sensation

    Exciting formulas that give you added sensations like warming, cooling, and tingling. Available in water-based, silicone or hybrid.

  • Massage+Body

    Luxurious massage products to sooth your mind and body and arouse your senses. Available in water based or oil based.

  • Gift & Novelty

    Fun & Romance go together!